Sunday, May 31, 2009


I got some awards. This award from Fanda

And another award from Fitri

Thanks guys. I hope our friendship always shine through blogosphere.

Friday, May 29, 2009

...Watch Dragon Ball Movie at home...

Last Thursday was the last day of Farrell's exam. When we were sitting together talking about his exam, Farrell told us that i don't like exam. And then His daddy told him that he has surprised for him.

This morning his daddy downloaded Dragon Ball movie from internet. Now, Farrell and his daddy are watching. He looks happy watch that movie. Because when Dragon Ball movie was showing at the cinema in Abu Dhabi, we didn't have time went to Abu Dhabi to watch that movie.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

...Last Exam of Farrell...

This week is the last exam for Farrell in KG2. So many papers he has to study. Sometimes I feel guilty coz as long as exam i always force him to study more than 2 hours everyday. But i have to do that, coz i wanna he get a good result in the report card. I hope.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

...New Look...

I always bought a magazine weekly. When i brought magazine last week. Farrell took from me that magazine directly. He looked over the cover. Suddenly he told me that I wanna cut my hair like this. He pointed a boy in the cover. He told me again that i want to be handsome like him.

Last Friday, when we went to Abu Dhabi. I brought that magazine which i will show to the hairdresser.

You can see at this picture and you can compare here.He looks different than before. Even us told him that you looks different.

Friday, May 15, 2009

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Friday, May 8, 2009

...Ski Dubai...

When my mom and my brother came here in Dec 2007, we went to Ski Dubai.

The Ski Dubai is a part of Mall of Emirates. If you wanna go to Ski Dubai, you have to entrance to Mall of Emirates.

In the ski Dubai there is snow park which you won’t meet boredom, go crazy in the tobogganing hills, or in a twin track bobsled ride. Also, a snowball throwing gallery and a snow cavern filled with interactive experiences and amazing sights and sounds await you for an unforgettable journey. A large observation tower offers a perfect view of the Ski Dubai main slope. Parents can engage in recreation with their children while building a snowman and playing on the hills.

I, Farrell and my brother went inside the ski dubai. My hubby and my mother just stayed outside. They just saw us from outside and took our picture. Farrell like play there, coz he can play and make a snowball.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

...French - Week 6-7...

French lesson of week 6-7/term 3 for Farrell are :

1. Les Legumes = Vegetables

tomate = tomato
carotte = carrot
pomme de terre = potato
concombre = cucumber
salade = salad
aubergine = eggplant
courgette= zucchini

2. Au Supermarche = Supermarket

le pain = bread
le viande = meat
le poisson = fish
le lait = milk
le fromage = cheese
les oeufs = eggs
le panier = basket
l'argent = money

3. Ai

maison = house
chaison = chair
lait = milk

4. Ain

bain = bath tub
nain = gnome
pain = bread
main = hand

I also have to learn French every week before i teach Farrell at home. It's too hard for me to learn French.