Saturday, June 13, 2009

...Birthday Party...

This picture took around 3 weeks ago when Farrell came to birthday party. He got many things from the party like he worn on this picture.

Last Thursday afternoon, he came to birthday party again. When we were in the car, he asked me," when i celebrate my birthday party?". He said ," I wanna celebrate my birthday, I wanna presents from all people who come to my party."

I said ," You celebrated your birthday party when you were 1 year, so many people come to your house and they gave you presents. I have job now, nobody will prepare everything for your birthday. But I promise you will celebrate your birthday on November".

He looks happy when i told him like that.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

...Happy Coloring...

Last Friday, I and Farrell went to Abu Dhabi. Farrell bought coloring t-shirt at Bossini Kids. There are 1 white t-shirt and fabric markers in one plastic pocket.

Yesterday, he started to coloring the t-shirt. After one hour he showed me what he have done. Look at below pictures. When i took the pictures, he told me that i wanna hold the t-shirt.

This picture is front of the t-shirt

and this picture is back of the t-shirt