Friday, May 8, 2009

...Ski Dubai...

When my mom and my brother came here in Dec 2007, we went to Ski Dubai.

The Ski Dubai is a part of Mall of Emirates. If you wanna go to Ski Dubai, you have to entrance to Mall of Emirates.

In the ski Dubai there is snow park which you won’t meet boredom, go crazy in the tobogganing hills, or in a twin track bobsled ride. Also, a snowball throwing gallery and a snow cavern filled with interactive experiences and amazing sights and sounds await you for an unforgettable journey. A large observation tower offers a perfect view of the Ski Dubai main slope. Parents can engage in recreation with their children while building a snowman and playing on the hills.

I, Farrell and my brother went inside the ski dubai. My hubby and my mother just stayed outside. They just saw us from outside and took our picture. Farrell like play there, coz he can play and make a snowball.


Isha said...

asik bgt main2 ama snow bisa bikin snowman lagi yah :))

Keluargaku Surgaku said...

Hhhmmmm kapan ya bisa jalan jalan ke Dubai...**

Budiawan Hutasoit said...

uuughh...sirik dot com nih..jadi pengen jalan2 ke dubai..pasti menyenangkan..
backpacker-an ke dubai bisa ngga ya..hehe


gimana rasanya disana bung ???
jadi pingin kesana
saljunya dingin yah bung ???
wahh...enaknya..dah pergi ke puncak menara tertinggi yahh

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