Saturday, September 5, 2009

...back to school...

Last monday was first day of farrell in grade 1. His class is Grade 1-G, this is the last class of grade 1. Those days were busy days for farrell and me coz we aren't staying in one school again. I am in Infant School and Farrell in Junior School.

Everyday I always ask to Farrell about his study and activities there. One day Farrell told me that he got Arabic lesson and he can not write in Arabic. That was surprise for me. I told him that I will teach you how to write in Arabic.

When i went to bed after those conversation, I was thinking how to teach him write in Arabic. I must ask someone about this. I will do my best dear.


Keluargaku Surgaku said...

Wah Farrell ntar makin jago dan menguasai banyak bahasa donk, Indonesia, Inggris, Perancis, Arab, hebat mbak!