Friday, September 25, 2009

...Holiday of Ied Mubarak 2009...

When Ied Mubarak day on Sunday 20 September 2009, we went to Dubai. We stay there 1 night at Dunes Hotel Apartments. This hotel near Mall of Emirates, we can walk to go there.

In the afternoon, we went to Dubai Mall to see Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. If you wanna know about Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, you can click here. On the way to Dubai Mall, Farrell saw double-decker with half roof.

Farrell ask," what kind of bus is that?".
I answer," that is bus but we call double-decker and that bus for tour in Dubai".
He said," I wanna ride double-decker".
I said,"Tomorrow we will ride double-decker,"

After that we went to Mall of Emirates until the midnight.

The following day, we went to Mall of Emirates again to rode Dubai Metro train. Dubai Metro is a train, driverless, fully automated network in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Click here about Dubai Metro.

Every time we went to Mall of Emirates, Farrell always want to come and play in Snow Park. I told to Farrell that you have to choose, snow park or bus tour coz we didnt have time if u choose both. Farrell told me that he wanna both. After few minutes, Farrell decides that he wanna play in the Snow Park. I told him that next holiday we will ride the bus tour.


Keluargaku Surgaku said...

Di Snow Park itu ada saljunya mbak? Asyik donk bisa ngadem di Snow Park :D
Idul Fitri di sana rame ya mba?